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About Our Client

Our client is a Cloud based real-time, personalized consumer mobile engagement platform, utilizing beacon (IoT) technology, enabling optimized retail analytics, that facilitates discovery, drives footfall, enables delivery of personalized content in any physical space.


The platform allows brick & mortar stores (malls/ apparel brands/ restaurant chains/ cinemas/ banks etc.) to understand and engage with customers in real time just as online stores do. With the ability to gauge customer preferences (real time), our platform will help you innovatively market your products with the added value of relevance and need, thereby making you the preferred brand for your customer demographic.


  • Scanning of beacons for multiple vendors at a time.
  • Navigation and tracking the indoor locations of the customers and staffs.
  • Building and validating the SDK formats.
  • Multiple vendors for beacons f.e sensero, Estimote sticker beacons etc.


The beacons were scanned using the SDK files for beacons (both ibeacons and android beacon SDK) and various SDK's available from beacon manufacturers. We resolved the issue of tracking and navigating the indoor locations with help of google maps and other indoor map navigation solutions available.


Separate customized applications were created for both the customers and the staff. The staffs could view all the details of the customers and could provide individual offers for privileged customers. Android and IOS consumer applications are made available in the Google play store and apple app store.

Technologies Used