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Social network applications encompasses a range of software systems that allow users to interact and share data. This computer-mediated communication has become very popular with social sites like Twitter and Facebook, media sites like Flickr and YouTube. Many of these applications share characteristics like open APIs, service-oriented design and the ability to upload data and media.

We specialized in developing Social Network Applications for all of the top networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter etc. using the latest API technologies like the Facebook Open Platform and Twitter API.

AMT - facebook

Simply stated, if you aren't marketing your brand on Facebook you are missing out on one of the largest host of audiences on the web today.

Facebook isn't just a website where individual users click and browse boring text and images, it is a social site where users are constantly sparking conversations and spreading messages to anyone and everyone in this massive social space.

Let us help you create a Facebook application, whether you are looking to:

> Drive more traffic to your website or store
> Generate more leads or opt-ins
> Expand your brands presence
> Create a whole new stream of income
AMT - twitter

Twitter Application Development: Build an incredible website with Twitter API

Twitter is the gigantic website for micro-blogging. Twitter is showing it s potentially on the web and still on a roll with the highest growth rate among all social networking websites. Simplicity of the micro-blogging site seems to be the driving force for twitter on the web. Basically twitter as ask the user: What are you doing? In return, you tell twitter the answer to the simple question, which in turn shows you all your followers. It s perfect social communication tool.

With the growing market for twitter, they came out the powerful API program which allows companies to create or enhance the website the loads of twitter functionality.

AMT with intense research and experience on Twitter application development or apps, we are aware about the power and limitation of twitter API.

Twitter has millions of users all over the world and business can t avoid the power of Twitter on the web. Twitter API is a platform to teach out the millions of users worldwide, simultaneously twitter also provides programming API that can be used to incorporate other applications and website on the twitter platform, allowing leveraging business products and services on fastest growing online community.

Twitter the fastest growing online community on the web, its offers you to build your brand awareness with the users across the globe and advertise your business on the potential market, at no cost.

Looking for Twitter Application Development, Contact Us and see how we can help you.

AMT - twitjump

TwitJump is one of our latest twitter application. It is really the ultimate Twitter and Facebook toolbox - all thru one login. TwitJump allows you to schedule Tweets and Status Updates when you have time to. TechCrunch lists TwitJump as top 5 company in 2010 that Twitter should acquire. TwitJump is the world's most versatile, unique and efficient way to manage all aspects of your Twitter accounts.