Our Business Models

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Our Business Models.

Each Customer is comfortable working with a specific Financial Model. AMT values the way that you do business. We provide you with the most common and successful models and we are ready to customize them upon your needs

  Fixed Price Time & Material 
Structure You pay a Fixed Price for the whole project regardless of the Expenses You pay only for the hours reported and other material expenses 
Cost The Cost is fixed, any risks are handled by AMT The Cost is fixed per month per resource, may turn out to be less than Fixed Price 
Scope Predefined and Fixed You may change it easily 
 Need to go through a Change Request Easily Managed by You 
Time Predefined Flexible based on your Scope 
Which option? More suitable for predefined Scope and detailed Requirements before project beginning More Suitable for iterative development, Agile Projects that require quick, small builds and quick customer feedback