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Iphone Applications Development

Hiring an iPhone App developer is not an easy task as iPhone development is a newly developed field in mobile development. Finding a good and experienced iphone SDK programmers is very important in envisioning your iPhone application. AMT is one of the rare company where you can meet such talents.

With each and every new release of iPhone SDK our iPhone App Developers and iphone programmers keep themselves updated and start searching innovative ways and ideas of easy and fast development.

Our developers and iPhone SDK Programmers have in depth knowledge of OS framework, Mac OS X framework and iPhone simulators.

Our iPhone SDK Programmers and iPhone app / game developer are proficient in developing iPhone app related to:

  • Internet application
  • Games development
  • Utility applications
  • Fun applications
  • Language conversion
  • Multimedia application
  • Medical applications
  • Business applications
  • Music applications
  • Entertainment application
  • Maps and navigation application
  • Travel and Lifestyle application
  • Book publishing application

Technologies used by our iPhone programmers are in large variety and they are based on the nature and intensity of the programs/games such as for the development of 2d mobile games iPhone app developer use Cocos2d-iphone framework. Oolong Game Engine is productive for the development of new games and able to port existing games to iPhone and iPod and this game engine is written in C++ and Objective-C.

Generally mobile game developers use many programming languages, frameworks and technological systems such as MAC platform, Cocoa ? Objective C, AppleScript, etc.