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Mobile Applications Development

Hiring an Mobile App developer is not an easy task. Finding a good and experienced mobile developers is very important in envisioning your mobile application. AMT is one of the rare company where you can meet such talents.

* Internet application
* Games development
* Utility applications
* Fun applications
* Language conversion
* Multimedia application
* Medical applications
* Business applications
* Music applications
* Entertainment application
* Maps and navigation application
* Travel and Lifestyle application
* Book publishing application

We speclise in delivering mobile solutions using HTML5 with a combination of Open source technologies. Many heavy traffic apps we use are deployed through backend API using Slim php framework with mongo db and Redis as database and Nginix web server for optimum performance rendering.

The below mentioned tools like PhoneGap, Titanium, jQuery Mobile, Dojo Mobile etc are some of the frameworks we use in mobile deployment.

Phone GapappceleratorJQueryDojo