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Advanced Millennium Technologies(ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 Certified), a leading global services company, provides consulting, implementation, business transformation and operational solutions for clients across the globe. AMT brings together the world's best technologies to address critical client business imperatives. AMT began its operation from Bangalore, India in the year 2002. We have also opened a full fledged open source development centre in Kochi, India during the year 2006. Combining proven expertise in technology, and an understanding of emerging business domains, AMT delivers a range of services that includes e-business solutions, CRM and enterprise applications.

At Advanced Millennium Technologies, we realize that your business must keep pace with the speed of thought. We believe that your ideas and enterprises deserve substantial reinvention, so we address the changing needs of your business with solutions that are cost-effective, fast to deploy, highly scalable and reliable.

Advanced Millennium Technologies is dedicated to providing world-class technical expertise and business solutions to enable our clients to meet their business objectives faster and more cost effectively. Traditional outsourcing concentrates on non-core tasks being shipped out, whereas Advanced Millennium Technologies Private outsourced development is targeted at the core tasks, the more critical part of your organization. We are specifically tailored to surrogate product development. Our outsourcing is built on the idea of having a skilled knowledge force at a remote location, for a fraction of the original costs.

We have a state of the art infrastructure with modern facilities, reliable 24h broadband internet connectivity and apart from email you can of course also reach us by phone, fax or instant messenger. Our offshore facility in Bangalore and Kochi in India has a built up area of 10,000 Sq feet's which can be further scaled up depending on the business requirements.

ISO 9001-2015 Certified Company ISO 27001-2013 Certified Company


Mr. Aby Varghese


Aby Varghese

Aby is an excellent mentor with great management skills. Aby along with Tobias and Margit were the founders of the Company. Aby has over eight years of experience in object oriented programming and Service Oriented Architecture concepts and is an expert Project designer with hands on experience in developing applications in E-commerce, Customer relationship management, Inventory management and logistics domain. He is also a technological enthusiast with application level knowledge of Open source platforms. Formal education includes Engineering in Electronics and Communication, from Bharathiyar University after which he worked with Patni computers and KG Information Systems Limited which is accredited by SEI as CMM Level 5 and CMM Level 4 respectively.

Mr. Tobias Rueckert


Tobias Rueckert

Tobias is one of the directors of the Advanced Millennium Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Tobias is a serial entrepreneur and has successfully launched several ventures in different parts of the world. Some of his ventures include an Outsourcing company in Shanghai, an International Online Shop in New Zealand, a Fulfillment Company in Germany, and IT service company in India. He is a person with excellent management ability. Now with the e- business/CRM software developed by the team of Advanced Millennium Technologies Pvt. Ltd Tobias and his wife Margit have launched an international wellness portal on the Internet. He is also an excellent Pianist who has presented concerts at different stages around the world.


Our vision is based on building AMT on three key statements:
1. Speed at which we work
2. Quality of the work we deliver
3. Trust we build during a business relationship.
We want to be a global leader delivering enterprise business management products and solutions.

Why AMT.

- International work culture and experience: One of the prime factors which distinguish AMT from other offshore IT companies is the detailed understanding of western culture, lifestyle and way of working. This core understanding, values and professionalism was inbuilt in our working atmosphere when we started our operations. It was largely possible because we had Europeans in our board room and on our team from the very first day. Therefore AMT offers you the well known comfort, reliability and professionalism of a headache free working and development environment which you can rely on when you or your clients interact with our team.

- Quality and security: Highly talented and carefully chosen team: AMT has some of the best minds and talents available as part of our team. They comprise of management graduates, software engineers, programmers, web developers, business analysts, customer service representatives, sales and marketing professionals, graphic designers, creative writers and others. All the employees are carefully chosen based on scientific psychometric evaluation under the supervision of a psychologist. Thus we ensure that all our employees are trustful and truthful to the organization. This helps us to protect the Intellectual Property and business requirements of our clients. All our employees are committed to the organization and always feel at home when they are at work. This is evident form the low iteration levels in AMT.

- 24/7 Customer service and satisfaction: We go the extra mile to satisfy you and your customer's needs and thus propagate a culture of world class customer service: We recognize the fact, that sound internal service is what spurs external service. We communicate openly with our customers and foster a relationship of frequent feedback and interaction.

- Know how of the latest technological developments: We believe that technology properly developed and applied can make life simpler. It is a fact that products and solutions are only as competitive as the technologies and know how used therein. We are open to working in any kind of technological environment. We advocate the use of new technologies that enable us to customize our solutions to individual customer needs.

- Real partnership & networking: AMT believes in free flow of ideas from all spheres. When it comes to improving our customer satisfaction, different teams happily welcome ideas from each other. We further strive to meet our long term customers and their clients personally to know them better every day we work with them. Networking naturally is an important element in the daily business world, we therefore openly offer reliable and professional 3rd party services and contacts we have gained and trusted throughout the years directly to you and appreciate the same in return. Based on the positive experiences of trust, honesty and integrity, we welcome the day when we can add the word "friendship" to our already successfully established business partner relationship.


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