Our Services

Let's build IT together


AMT brings a wide range of solutions to address the information technology needs of diverse business segments.

Several key technologies are used in order to arrive and provide a comprehensive solution that provides maximum value to the customer. Our solutions are geared to provide more value at a less cost using the latest technologies and services.

We can work on a project basis or we can set up an "Offshore Development Team" which will work exclusively for your company to be set up here at AMT,s premises.

You can choose a number of specialists which can be assigned solely for your projects. Every task or project is closely monitored and quality control assured. This is being done by at least weekly status reports and at least monthly schedules which are worked out together with you. Should you need additional resources for a particularly demanding project, you can rest assured that the necessary specialists are available for your service within latest 24 hours.Normal working times for your programmer would be from 9 am to 6 pm IST , 5 days a week. Business language is English.

The "hire a programmer/team" concept was introduced by AMT in 2002 and we have since provided outsourcing of programming and web design to multiple companies across the globe. We have a state of the art infrastructure with modern facilities, reliable 24h broadband internet connectivity and apart from email you can of course also reach us by phone, fax or instant messenger.