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About Our Client

Seekna connects online learning with social networking. Motivate yourself and others by sharing your goals, resources and achievements, see what your friends, family & colleagues are learning, meet new friends by learning the same skills together.


Seekna makes life easier by organizing over thousands of quality online course materials by subject in one searchable database. Create your own learning track by combining multiple courses to pursue personal goals and career paths.


Find suitable learning tracks by checking out those of others in your network or let your own learning tracks inspire other people. Find out where skilled friends, family members and colleagues learned their skills and follow their lead, discover experts in your field or share your own learning track and resources to become a mentor to others.

Solution Delivered

Check ratings of classes to find out which ones are the most popular, get course suggestions based on your interests, track your progress with statistics and get updates on the latest learning resources in your field.


As a custom web and appdevelopment company, AMT was able to provide product development services and best practices for a custom application that exceeded customer's needs.

Technologies Used