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About Our Client

The client is one of the well known Reo Broker Agent based in the United States. They are specialized in REO, Commercial Sales, Traditional sales, Short Sales and Property Management.


The customer was interested in working with an IT Software Developer for upgrading their current application for automating Reo Broker Agent tasks. The Listing Brokers agents were interested in minimizing time taken to organize and assign tasks to their employees and keep track of those tasks.


Integrate Email Notification, Property Task Map and Multiple Workflow Modules.Being an Reo Agent company, the customer has strict time measures for completing task associated with properties. AMT's application cleared this test. Highly governed development standards.The previous Task Tracking system was written in a technology that is set to sunset in the near future.

Solution Delivered

The current application needed to be rewritten with the same functionality as the current application. A user interface portal with functionality including the Workflow page, Email Page, Property Task Map page etc. Role-based administration functionality to allow users of specified roles (i.e. Administrator, Management, User.) to make only necessary modifications within the application. This would allow Reo Agent to assign/modify the tasks. Addition of new database tables allows the data storage to have a more robust and accurate reporting system.Application is self-managed i.e. client can launch new programs without being dependent on IT support.


As a custom web and appdevelopment company, AMT was able to provide product development services and best practices for a custom application that exceeded customer's needs.

Technologies Used